Loryl Haggard

Travel Consultant

My love of travel (and Disney) started at a very young age. As a California native born in Anaheim with parents from the Midwest, we spent much of my childhood exploring the states including Hawaii as well as the west coast of Mexico and when we were home, it was very common for us to spend our Sundays at Disneyland after church.  My mom moved back to the Midwest after I graduated from high school and I quickly followed.  This move led to my time in the Army which included many travels stateside.  After college, my management career led me back to Disney and I spent as much time as I could visiting my favorite mouse.  During this time, I met my husband who thankfully has the same love of travel and the mouse that I do.  My wanderlust has taken us to 4 Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii, as well as 6 European countries including Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France. My ultimate dream vacation would be to see all of the Disney Parks worldwide in one trip or to spend a month traveling all the Caribbean Islands. It would be my pleasure to use my experience and love of travel to help you plan your next dream escape!

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From the JCo Family to yours... We hope you have a blessed Easter ✝️🐰 ...

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Happy National Margarita Day! Are you celebrating?! Share your drink pics!

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Happy Valentine's Day!!

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"I know he's the GOAT, but I just don't like him. Money's on Mahomes! 😁" - Janelle ...

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We all need some "magic" these days 😁 ...

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🤦🏼‍♀️ 6 more weeks?! Really Phil?!

You know where there is no winter?! Mexico and the Caribbean. It's Paradise all year 🌊☀️

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Do you want to build a snowman?! We would rather build a sandman 🤣 But show us your snow pics anyway please 😁

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We at JCo are well aware of the EO that was released yesterday. Right now, it's all up for interpretation. How we interpret it? They are finally forming a Covid task force that will review the recently released procedure, (for testing before international flights into the US), the CDC recommendations, and will report back in 2 weeks. They will then finally announce some formal policies and procedures for the pandemic.

When the new mandated procedure was released (testing before international flights into the US), JCo spent 48 straight hours working with resort, airline, tourism board, and other agency partners coming up with plans to take care of our clients. We worked together like never before, and we are ALL over this too! Once we have direction on official guidance, we'll begin working to ensure our clients are set.

Thank you to our clients for trusting us with your precious memories

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Worry free Wednesday 🌴


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Watermelon mojitos....if you know, you know 🍉


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